Latest Punjabi Movies 2020 - List of New Punjabi Movies

Latest Punjabi Movies 2020 - List of New Punjabi Movies : As we have told in our many previous articles that the time going on today is a very good time for the Punjabi film industry.

Today, big stars are coming in the Punjabi film industry. Every company wants to invest money on Punjabi films. Today, there was a time when producers used to feel risky to put money on Punjabi films.

Latest Punjabi Movies 2020 - List of New Punjabi Movies

The biggest reason for this, as we have mentioned, is that there has been a period of terrorism in Punjab, at which time the Punjabi film industry was almost completely destroyed, but gradually people who love Punjabi films gave it a new look. Has given a new direction.

Today is the time that two to three films of Punjabi are released in almost every week, not only in India but in the whole world there are people who like Punjabi films. If you look at the record of any film, you will come to know that the amount of Punjabi films you earn in India can be earned in other countries as well, which shows that Punjabi films are also liked in other countries. Are the people to do.

In this article, we will give you information about the recently released films of Punjabi about which we want to know, we hope that you will definitely like the information given by us to get similar information from you. Stay connected

Latest Punjabi Movies 2020 - List of New Punjabi Movies

# 1 Galwakdi

In this film, you will see Tarsem Jassar, popularly known as Punjabi Singer and Stylish Singh Sardar in the main role. Even before this, two of his films have come out among the Punjabi audience, which people have liked very much. His film Rab Da Radio, which has made 2 parts among the Punjabi audience, has been both a super hit, besides another movie named Sardar Mohammad Tha which has been well received at the box office.
latest punjabi movies 2020

StarsCast of Galwakadi Punjabi Movie

  • Tarsem Jassar, 
  • Wamiqa Gabbi, 
  • B. N Sharma, 
  • Raghveer Boli

# 2 Daddy Cool Munde Fool 2

In 2012, the first recitation of Daddy Cool Munde Phool was released which was a superhit. The film also featured the then super duper hit Rapper Honey Singh with Amarinder Gill. The second part of this film has been prepared, which will be seen by the audience in a short time. We all hope that like the first lesson, people will also like the second lesson of this movie.
latest punjabi movies 2020
latest punjabi movies 2020

 Starscast of Daddy Cool Munde Fool 2

# 3 Carry On Jatta 3

Like Hollywood, it has become common in Punjabi films that whenever a film becomes a super duper hit, then they start on the next lesson of that film. Similarly, the first part of the film Carry On Jatta was released about 6 years ago, which was the most superhit film of that time, after which the second part of this film was also released, now the third part of this film has been prepared. Which will be released in the year 2020.

latest punjabi movies 2020

 Starcast of Carry On Jatta 3

  • Gippy Grewal, 
  • Mahie Gill, Gurpreet, 
  • Jaswinder Bhalla, 
  • Binnu Dhillon

# 4 Good Luck Jatta

This film will be released in the year 2020. All the stars in this film are almost new. We all hope that all the people have worked very hard in this film and we hope that the film B will be a superhit and all the new stars who are working in this movie for the first time must surely bear the fruits of their hard work. will get .
latest punjabi movies 2020

 StarCast Of Good Luck Jatta

  • Rubina Bajwa, 
  • Ninja, 
  • Gurmeet Saajan, 
  • Megha Sharma, 
  • Sardar Sohi, 
  • Naiqra Kaur, 
  • Baninder Bunny, and Amar Noorie

# 5 Hera Pheri

Jai is a comedy movie. In this movie, the most famous comedian actor of Punjabi, Binnu Dhillon is seen. As we all know that Binnu Dhillon is considered to be a super duper hit in any film. In this film too, Binnu Dhillon and his entire team have done a lot of work on the strength of their hard work and people will definitely like this film.

latest punjabi movies 2020

Starcast Of Punjabi Movie Hera Pheri

  • Binnu Dhillon, 
  • Raj Singh Bedi, 
  • Gurpreet Ghuggi

# 6 Parinday

There is no leaks regarding the release date of this Punjabi film yet. We hope that this film can also be released in the year 2020. In this film, you will get to see Yuvraj Hans as the main actor. Apart from him, some new actors got a chance in this film.

Starcast Of Parinday Punjabi Movie

  • Yuvraj Hans, 
  • Mansi Sharma, 
  • Gurleen Chopra, 
  • Hobby Dhaliwal

# 7 Boo Main Daragi

In this film you will see Roshan Prince. Jay is a comedy movie. Of the B movies that Roshan Prince has worked in before today, J will be the first movie to be a comedy movie. We hope what will be good work Unoh in this movie.

latest punjabi movies 2020

Starcast of Boo Main Daragi Punjabi Movie

  • Roshan Prince, 
  • Isha Rikhi, 
  • Yograj Singh, 
  • Anita Devgan, 
  • BN Sharma
Latest Punjabi Movies 2020 - List of New Punjabi Movies

# 8 Zindagi Zindabaad

Zindagi Zindabaad

Zindagi Zindabaad

About 1 year ago, a film came out called Dakua da Munda which was very much liked by the people, in fact the movie was based on the real life of Mintu Gurusaria, a Punjabi journalist. Mintu Guru Sariya had left the film to show the people in that movie in one and the other film, it has been shown in his next movie Zindagi Zindabad. In this film, you will see ninja as the main actor.

# 9 YaarAnmulle Returns

yaar anmulle 2

Jai Movie is being told the sequel of the first movie, in this movie you will get to see the whole team of Yaar Anmulle. Jail movie has already been released in Punjabi, which people had given love to Bane, now everyone thought of making it a sequel, which they will release in the year 2020. There is no news about the star cast of this film yet.

# 10 Angrej 2

angrej 2
angrej 2

In 2016, a very super duper hit film by Amarinder Gill was released titled English. In this film, the atmosphere was filmed by those people in Punjab about 50 years ago. It was a family movie which was given a lot of love by the people, similarly this team has now decided to make the next part of this movie which they will release in the year 2020. In this film, you will not see Amarinder Gill as the main actor.

# 11 Kuldeep Manak

kuldeep manak

J Movie is based on the real life of Punjabi's very famous singer late resident Kaldeep Manak. We will tell you that 5 years ago, the famous Punjabi artist Kaldeep Manak has passed away, but what he has achieved in the Rocord Punjabi Music song stream and no singer has achieved this, so this film is going to be made on his life. .

# 12 Yes I Am Student

yes i am student

In this film, you will get to see the super duper hit artist of Punjabi, Siddu Mousse Wala, people are eagerly waiting for this film. Looking at Sidhu Mousse Wala's fan falling, it can be guessed that nothing can stop this film from being a super duper hit. Where the film is going is based on the life of students who leave their country and go to study in other country and keep the dream of being set there.

# 13 Bumbukaat 2

bumbukaat 2

The first part of this movie has been released, after that film became a hit, the whole team had decided that next year they will release the second lesson of the film. In this film, the famous Punjabi singer Amy Virk appeared in the main role. People had given a lot of love to this film, similarly in the evening it is expected that when the second part of this film is released, people will like it very much.

# 14  Goryan Nu Daffa Karo 2

goryan nu dafa karo

The film released in the year 2016, Goryan Nu Daffa Kro, which is now ready for release as Part 2. It is expected that this film will be released in the year 2020, before the first lesson of this film was very much liked by the people.

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